1. Hats Off To Social Science

    Berlin 2014

  2. The night

  3. The sea

  4. other people´s polaroids

  5. Six weeks between the dull idea, and the physical existence of 50 copies of KLÖSE. Oof.

  6. It´s a torch, not a sword. Touring soon.

  7. "What I was just reading about someone deciding to quit speaking began to dissolve into my lap as the words gave up their attempts at meaning" (Bedhead, “Bedside table”)

  8. Hasenheide Sunday

    (starring: Caspar / music: Dropout Patrol / footage: me)

  9. thedropoutpatrol:


    we did.

  10. looking forward to meeting fwends!

    (Source: thedropoutpatrol)

  11. For the kids.

  12. This guy Marc took the best photo, and the two of us made it a tour poster for the tiny bands we play in. Drummers of the world, unite and take over!

  14. "I can´t find my brittle youth…" (Leipzig, May 2012)

  15. I just sold a piece of art - even if just a fake - for a decent amount. It´s a Berlin Maze benefit, and you should follow this project. Thanks!